Countermeasure Guide on COVID-19

All the members of PUTS are discussing on the various countermeasures to prevent COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to share maneuvers with you and seek your cooperation.
Crisis Alert Level : SERIOUSSeoul/Metropolitan Area Social distancing : 1 level
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Main announcement on academic management for 2020-1 semester

Update: 2020.05.14. / drafted: 2020.05.14.
This notification is about college academic management due to COVID-19 for 2020-1 semester.
  1. 1. Graduate school: entire on-line classes will be proceeded for 2020-1 senester. Entire graduate school (master’s and doctoral course) [May 18th(Mon)~ June 19th(Fri)] (some classes are exempted)

Main announcement on academic management for 2020-1 semester

Update: 2020.05.01. / drafted: 2020.05.01.
This is the notification by course for 2020-1 semester due to COVID-19.
  1. College: entire classes will be proceeded via on-line lecture. 6 more weeks extended [May 11th (Mon) ~ June 19th (Fri)] (some classes exempted)
  2. Seminary: practical training classes will be proceeded on-campus with face-to-face manners. [May 11th (Mon) ~ June 19th (Fri)] All the other classes will be proceeded basically via on-line format.
  3. Graduate: gradual on-campus lecture. [May 11th (Mon) ~ June 19th (Fri)] Ph. D courses of general graduate school and graduate school for ministry, [May 18th (Mon) ~ June 19th (Fri)] entire graduate school

Announcement on extension of On-line courses for 4 weeks to prevent the prevalence of COVID-19

Update: 2020.04.03. / drafted: 2020.04.03.
Announcement on the extension of on-line classes for 2020-1 semester.
  1. Extension of On-line courses for 4 weeks[4.13(Mon)~5.8(Fri)]
  2. Practicums of Dpt. of Church music(college and graduate school) which requires face-to-face performance will be proceed on-campus classes [relevant subjects will be announced individually]
  3. Midterms can be substituted with finals (depending upon professors’ discretion)
  4. The methods of grade assessment for 2020-1 semester will be notified later after scrutinizing the regulation.
Q&As on On-line lecture

Screen switching to the speaker is the innate feature of programme Zoom. Therefore, students should put their microphone on mute and toggle between muting and unmuting depending on their needs.

A. There are myriads of variables such as network speed, host’s computer specifications, quality of shared screen, the number of simultaneous connections, specifications of the accessed equipment. It is difficult to assert which is the decisive cause of that lagging or stammer. However, if you are connecting in a more stable network environment and using mobile device(cell phone, iPad, Galaxy tab etc.) will be disconnected less unless you are using high-end computer.

According to the operating standards of remote classes at general univiersities relavant to the Higher Education Act Article 14-2, it is recommended that lecture contents for on-line classes be produced for at least 25 minutes per credit. Therefore, school conveyed this instruction to professors along with the quizzes or assignments to makeup for the classes within 30 minutes.

Department of teaching and learning development also perceived this problem. Hence, we advised again to all the professors to announce students when there is any change of class methods.

As answered previously, the recommended period of time is at least 25 minutes per credit. So,there can be difference among professors.

We all are aware of your inconvenience derived from taking lectures via the various methods. However, every professor has different ways of conveying knowledge and each class has different characteristics which entail various types of teaching methods. This may be the most appropriate method for students chosen by professors.

When the classes are put together, the students who registered for cancelled class would be automatically moved to the other division of class. However, it is only a matter on the e-lecture system, and there is no change on your student information system. There is nothing to worry about.

If you are using Internet Explorer you have to remove ‘puts.ac.kr’ from the compatibility view settings. However, you have to add the address when you use student information system of school. So, we highly recommend you to use Crome.

There is a certain given duration for each lectures that students to meet. Even though there is one minute short, it won’t be approved as the attendance. Each video has different duration setting, so you need to check the time separately. If set time is longer than the actual length of the video, please contact to either professors or the department of teaching and learning.

In that case, check the current state of takig lecture and the record of taking it. If it is not properly checked, contact to the department of teaching and learning.

Announcement on the change of the lecture managing method in 2020-1 semester due to COVID-19

Update: 2020.02.28. / drafted: 2020.02.28.
Here are the changes of the lecture managing method as follow:
  1. Beginning of the semester: start on Monday, March 16th
  2. On-line lectures will be given for 4 weeks after beginning [March 16th (Mon) ~ April 10th (Fri)]
  3. 15-week lecture section: 4-week on-line class + 10-week on-campus class + 1-week make-up (on-line or on-campus)
  4. This schedule can be changed as the situation changes

Announcement on the change of the academic affairs and schedules due to COVID-19

Update: 2020.02.06. / drafted: 2020.02.04.
Graduation Ceremony [College/Seminary/Graduate]
  1. Postponed graduation ceremony scheduled on Thursday, February 13th
  2. It is planned to be held after midst of August
  3. Certification of graduation can be issued from Thrusday, February 13th
  4. Distribution of Degree
    • Request the receiving method either by post or by visit via online system. URL: https://bit.ly/399vbkr (due on February 11th)
    • College: pick up available from Thursday, February 13th to Thursday, 20th . delivery by post from Friday, February 21st
    • Seminary: delivery by post from Thursday, February 13th
    • Graduate: pick up available from Thursday, February 13th to Friday, 28th . delivery by post from Tuesday, March 2nd
Admission Gratitude Worship [college/seminary]
  1. It will be served with Beginning Semester Gratitude Worship at once: detailed information will be notified later
Freshmen Orientation [college/seminary]
  1. Freshmen Orientation is cancelled
  2. All the information materials will be posted on the website, and seminars will be taken through video lecture. (detailed information will be notified later)
Beginning of course and academic schedule
  1. Postponed the day of beginning semester for 2 weeks
  2. Beginning: Monday, March 16th - All courses are the same
  3. Beginning Semester Gratitude Worship
    • A. college/seminary: Tuseday, March 17th
    • B. Graduate: Monday, March 16th
  4. Duration of the semester: shorten from 15 weeks to 14 weeks (one week would be substituted with assignments and on-line remote class)
  5. the detailed academic schedule will be announced later